EUPEC also offers coating systems adapted for bends and fittings. These have similar properties to linepipe coating in terms of anticorrosion protection, insulation, temperature and mechanical resistance.

Our custom-made coatings are suitable for bends, short pieces, special pieces such as tees, flanges, reducers, buckle arrestors, J-lay collars, manifolds, and valves… in carbon, alloyed and high-alloy steels. The facility is designed to accommodate any size of component within the lifting capacity of the factory cranes.

Custom coatings can also be applied in situ depending on the yard configuration. Our comprehensive range of coatings is applied by our highly skilled workforce using airless spray, flame spray, injection, or moulding processes.

Custom Coating


Internal coatings

• Liquid epoxy for gas
• Solvent-free liquid epoxy for sea, raw or processed water transportation
• Phenolic epoxy



External anticorrosion coatings

• Polyolefin flame spray coating system (PE and PP)
• Fusion bonded epoxies mono or dual layer (FBE and DFBE)
• Liquid polyurethane
• Liquid epoxies



Insulation coatings

• Solid polyurethane
• Syntactic & glass syntactic polyurethane (SPU and GSPU)
• Injection moulded polypropylene®