offshore field joint coating

Field coating services involve the coating of the girth welds produced on board pipe-laying vessels, at a spoolbase or at any offshore location, all over the world.

EUPEC’s wide range of coating processes is designed to meet all a pipeline contractor’s needs, in S-lay, J-lay and reeled configuration. EUPEC carries out the engineering, design and fabrication of custom-built equipment.

We integrate the latest technologies to optimize performance on-site in terms of cycle time and quality whilst always respecting the environmental requirements. Our purpose-built coating systems and equipment are prepared, installed and operated by our highly skilled and experienced technicians a engineers.

Anticorrosion coating

The field joint, or the bare part of the pipeline surrounding the weld area, is extremely sensitive to corrosion. The anticorrosion coating system includes surface preparation, induction heating and application of fusion-bonded epoxy and/or other single or multilayer anticorrosion products. Our flame-spray polypropylene process combines excellent chemical resistance and corrosion protection of epoxies with the mechanical protection and moisture barrier at high temperatures of the polypropylene.

Infill coating

The high density polyurethane foam (HDPF) joint infill material is a fast curing open cell polyurethane foam and is applied by injection.

It is formulated to give high compressive strength, superior impact resistance, quick reaction and solidification time. The resultant field joint is a smooth, hard coating providing a flush transition from concrete coating, end-to-end.


Insulation coating

EUPEC is a market leader in insulated field joints using a combination of FBE and polyurethane or our patented Injection Moulding technology.
Polyurethane is used on field joints that require thermal insulation and high impact strength combined with excellent anticorrosion protection.

PP Injection Moulding Process

The fully automatic PP Injection Moulding process provides continuous end-to-end pipeline coating, using the parent coating’s equivalent grades of polypropylene.

This cost-effective automatic process helps reduce cycle times dramatically and enhances the final quality. The technology is suitable with S-lay configuration.